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Nova Blanca

Nova Blanca

Hailing from the northern mountains of Greece, Nova Blanca is considered by many in the natural stone industry as the counter top king of marble. This material not only speaks for itself with its unquestionable beauty, having been the premier material for Atlanta Kitchen of the Year three times in the past five years, but its mineral composition explains why it holds up as one of the few marbles qualified for kitchen countertop use. With one of the highest calcite densities and one of the lowest absorption rates among all marbles, Nova Blanca is both durable and more naturally resistant to everyday kitchen ware (e.g. from wine spills to acidic lemon juice remains).

    From Architect Norman Askins (https://www.normanaskins.com/burgundy.html)
    Design Work by Janie Wilburn's "The Jane Group"
    Design Work by Janie Wilburn's "The Jane Group"
    Design Work by Janie Wilburn's "The Jane Group"

    Design and Project Work

      AvailabilityType & VariationSize(s)ThicknessFinish
      40,000+ sq. ft

      Slab & Tile




      Gold Extra


      • Platinum Gold Extra
        • 12″ x 24″
        • 16″ x 16″
        • 8″ x 16″
      • Extra
        • 12″ x 12″
      • Urania
        • 12″ x 12″
        • honed
      • Cut to Size

      Slabs – Please contact us for all size options

      Tile: 1cm

      Slabs: 3cm, 4cm, & 5cm

      Cut to Size

      Honed & Polished

      Book Match Available

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